Allcons Group INC.

Our work is supported and enhanced by a team of qualified Designers, Workers and Sub Contractors

Allcons Group specializes in building custom homes, expansion, and renovation through the bay area.

It was founded by Ali “Allen” zaghi in 2015.Allen originally is an Architect, but he discovered his talent in construction and collaborating with designers, work crews, and clients to provide the best manners to complete the projects.Today is about 15 years that he is practicing this journey, and Allcons Group has done many successful projects with happy clients.
We believe in creating a respectful relationship with clients and having them as part of the Allcons group family to expand our business brand and referrals.We care about every detail and the client’s concerns.We are committed to working as a team by using an experienced crew, latest technology, and building methods to make the outcome is a reliable, safe, and efficient.

We are Creative

We solve the problems

We are Passionate

We are Accurate

We are a Team